July 29, 2007


Opss.. It's been too long I haven't update my bloggies! Sorry yea, celine is busy lately AND need to rest when I get the time :) Lack of time to sleep well! Lolz!

Many people are asked about my relation recently.

So, I'm going to answer Y'all here...!

Celine will not regret what I have done! I'm sure! Definitely SURE!
Some whom are not deeply know celine, please, never judge me and backstabbing me... You have no right to do that!
Don't be a fattous anymore, k?

I love my bf extremely much! I need him and I miss him lotsa.. badly..!
I'm not a lover playgal.. I couldn't afford to that game..
Hence, I'm serious to my LOVE!

Do you do it??! Perhaps...

I don't care what you guys thought about me, cause you are not Celine!
You don't know everything... You are just a 'story-reader'or 'sider'...

Just wish me... Thanks :) *gg

Love y'all tooo....

Don't *Booo... me la huh! *Lolz!


GiniE said...

as yur buddy,machi,sista...

i will support u d... hope that u and yur new flame's relationship las forever and ever (",)



ws'celine said...

thanks for ur support..
it's a sure tat ur r my ji muiz!
luv u!

Emily said...

You write very well.