November 24, 2007

CeLIne's New BLOGsite

Celine has created a new BLOG!!

This Account would not be activated anymore....

Please visit my new BLOGSPOT account..


October 7, 2007

mUh sTuDIeS

AS .... A2 .... A-level ... ~ endless!

War nerves is coming! I have to sit the terrible PaPers which fulled of *Sucks* questions on this month until next month =.= sigh.

What a kinda long examination~ Haigh! *Stressed!
Assuming that everyone is irritated with TESTS, this is a fact and reality! No one can deny about it unless you are a Nurd or Geek... aha ;p

A-level, a Noun which is closed to me but it is strange to me too.
A course that is extremely tough + hard to cope with ~
Thus, you guys are not advisable to do with this course.. Otherwise, you would REGRET somemore wasting your Time and $$$!

In point of fact, celine is going to change course after A-level.. *yeappy xD
I'm interested in *Foundation Programme Of Art Stream ( hey guys, I'd not take any designing course or what graphic course.. I'd take Finance and Marketing.. Don't misunderstanding ) !
Gonna give up in Pre-U studies.. *uehooo

Headache comes to me again!!!
My dudes should ask which Uni / Coll would I apply in!
Gosh ~ I'm surveying now, haven't got the idea yet..
Update you all soon!

Exam ON ; Play OFF!~
Exam Comes ; Roadshows Goes! ~

Have to stOp accepting all the Jobs since now till It ENDed!


Endness Complaining!!!

I got the Conception Photoshooting on last week. '' Dirty Sexy ''
wOotz o.O
Haven't get back all the photos yet, so they would come soon and wait for my updating yea =)

Or else I'd upload them in my friendster profile. Soon.....
Be patient ;D

September 5, 2007

Body verses Face

Does this topic attract you to read it through??

I have gone through a website that have a funny Article and Question inside there..
What's that?

* ClicKey *
Click it, then you would go through the site..
I know that y'all are lazy to go for it, so I have copy paste some sentences about it..

'' Men would you rather date a woman with a Thin body and ugly face or an Overweight woman with a pretty face?? It seems to me that men will date the ugliest woman as long as she has a Barbie doll figure. Whats your opinion? ''

Is it quite hard to let u choose??

The Body is important or the Face is important??

I am realli wonder what the guys would choose..

Welcome to drop off some comments =D

September 4, 2007

Busy Me!

At last, I'm free to drop off my blog here. These days are the busiest days for me, also the most Exhausting Days!
A China lovely pet, Panda, wannabe ---> Celine ChanWS.
No enough time to sleep well, even chit-chatting time is lost too.. :(
Anyway, I'm back to 'free' now.. *giggle

I had received few roadshows at the same moment:

1st - My Nation Rave Party @ Sunway Suff Beach ( 30/8 )

This was my 1st party show. When I got this, I was so excited. Recall, it was a seriously traffic jam along the Kesas Highway, almost 2 hours I had stucked in it -.- Dengz!~
I started my job on 9pm till 3am..
Arghh.. It's damn tiring!
Wondering what job was I do on that party??
We were promoted the Alcoholic Liquid - Tequila
I hate to do this job because there were many such damn PIG inside.. spoilt the Environment!!!
Many of my friends had been molested by Miang Guys!!!
Luckily, I didn't... :D
Hope won't receive this kind of job again.. Unless it is safe for us...!~

2nd - Acer IT Fair 2007 @ The Curve ( 31/8 till 2/9 )
Let me Introduce my adorable agent, Melissa.
She is the lovely and friendly agent that I have met.. Thanks for her who has cared us much =)
This Acer show is the happiest show within the Shows I have done before!
Love all the buddies there - Dorcas, Wendy, Daphne, Goh, Ignatius, John, Donald.... etc
They are really really damn nice.
Though Dorcas, Wendy and I were just passing out the flyers, we weren't bored at all.. we felt the time was passed rapidly!
Other than that, we have learnt a lot about the IT. Especially, the Laptops!
So, I won't get lie again when wanna buy a laptop..!


3rd - Motorola Mobile Show
[ I'd rejected this job cause I'm lazy to go for the interview.. *teehee Babe, I need some rests too ma.. Lolz!~ ]


Some of my friends ask that why I like to do these Roadshows or Freelances...
Let me tell y'all:
I have learnt lotsa of knowledge and get a lot of infos in that!
So, why not I get these, it's better than I waste my time to face on the PC for some stupid stuff..
p/s : I can get well and pretty high pay for these roadshows! Earn fast and Easier.. *giggle

maybe you have your own ideas or opinions..
this is my thought too..
Hope y'all would respect me!

August 21, 2007

MAPA 2007 @ Midvalley

bLoggies!~ I'm back..! Hey, miss me lotsa?? Lolz~
I miss you guys here! So happy that I could update y'all at last :D
I should apologize because I was busy around my stuff recently... forgive me yea ;p

13/8 ^ 14/8.. A special date for me..
My first working day as show gal at MAPA 2007 Roadshow (Midvalley).
This is my first job in my life, so I think it was quite amazing for me though it's tiring~ keke!

Thanks Ruby! ~
Thanks Vogue Event! ~
Thanks V-Class Company! ~
Thanks everyone who give me this chance to be there! ~
I should thanks Edward, Marcus, Eric and Kenny too.. :D

How was my working days there?
It was great! Chun!

On my first day, I was quite embarrassed when the photographers wanted to take some photos of me..
Perhaps, I was not used to pose in front of publicity.. Hahaz!
Till the second day, I was used to it already..
I was extremely enjoyed the cAm-whore sessions by the Pro photographer!
Thanks a lot for them who had taken nice and great portraits for me~


Anyway, hope that i could get more roadshow jobs soon!~

August 5, 2007

dA beLoveD LasS ~ emILy ^ mUh New Lo0k New sTyLe

We met again when I was back to my sweet hometown - Diamond Bay.
We? Who did i mentioned just now? Hahaz...
Definitely is my lovely and beloved babe ~ Emily

This was the second time we hung out though we know each other for a long time...
Cherish the time when we get together and gossiping`chit-chatting`cam-whoring` and summore SHOOT KayC !! Lolz!
KayC KayC.... You are so poor... Always get bullied cause you always bully us! That's your turn to get it back. :p

Welll! ~ Let's come back to our sweet EmiLy...

She is the chum who I love much.
I like to talk to her, why?
Her minded is same as mine!
How much the sameness minded we are?

Erm... Don't know how to tell y'all.. *teehee
Just both of us know it!
Actually just my opinion... Perhaps, she doesn't mean that so.. :)

Babe, it's a sure and promise here...
I'll be back soon AND have our nice & great time for our outing!
Yeappy... >.^

~ Cam-whoring In muh car...

Cine miss emily always... Hope she would come here soon! Then we Shop Shop Shop.. Eat Eat EAt.. Talk Talk Talk...!



Muh new Lo0k??!!!
I make the miracle.... Lolz!
At last, I completely change a fresh and dolly Lo0k!

Wootz!~ Shorten Hair...!

My long hair was followed me since I was small. It's been a long time I had not in a short hair look...
Recall that I was so Geek(ed) when I was in a TomGurl head. Hahaz!
Just my ex-schoolmates know it! *Beep beep

However how Geek was I at primary school time... It's a No on now!
Don't really what y'all think so..

Let cine show you guys my photos here!
Check it out.... ---->

Ahhem... What do you think about it?
~ Nice?
~ Ugly?
~ Cute?
~ Mature?
~ Dolly?
~ Bad?
~ Not suits me?
~ Long hair is better?
~ or etc......?

Any comments?
Leave me your comment yea..

Thanks :)

August 2, 2007

>> c1Ne's <<

Update y'all with my photos :

At maison


Dine at a nice cafe - Feelings

Short stay at MU

Club at Ardiglas

It is tiring to upload it...
cause I left lotsa of photos not upload yet!

Celine is lazy to upload d...
Let's enjoy with these picS though it's just part of them.. :)