October 7, 2007

mUh sTuDIeS

AS .... A2 .... A-level ... ~ endless!

War nerves is coming! I have to sit the terrible PaPers which fulled of *Sucks* questions on this month until next month =.= sigh.

What a kinda long examination~ Haigh! *Stressed!
Assuming that everyone is irritated with TESTS, this is a fact and reality! No one can deny about it unless you are a Nurd or Geek... aha ;p

A-level, a Noun which is closed to me but it is strange to me too.
A course that is extremely tough + hard to cope with ~
Thus, you guys are not advisable to do with this course.. Otherwise, you would REGRET somemore wasting your Time and $$$!

In point of fact, celine is going to change course after A-level.. *yeappy xD
I'm interested in *Foundation Programme Of Art Stream ( hey guys, I'd not take any designing course or what graphic course.. I'd take Finance and Marketing.. Don't misunderstanding ) !
Gonna give up in Pre-U studies.. *uehooo

Headache comes to me again!!!
My dudes should ask which Uni / Coll would I apply in!
Gosh ~ I'm surveying now, haven't got the idea yet..
Update you all soon!

Exam ON ; Play OFF!~
Exam Comes ; Roadshows Goes! ~

Have to stOp accepting all the Jobs since now till It ENDed!


Endness Complaining!!!

I got the Conception Photoshooting on last week. '' Dirty Sexy ''
wOotz o.O
Haven't get back all the photos yet, so they would come soon and wait for my updating yea =)

Or else I'd upload them in my friendster profile. Soon.....
Be patient ;D

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