June 12, 2007

fULL dAy @ bAd Day??

Can't sleep the whole night, what to do?? Well, I rather write a blog here, it is better than waste my time rolling in the bed. *wink wink

Haigh! I am going to tell y'all my bad experience that had happened on last saturday here...

Jun was come here and she asked me to accompany her for the whole day, I was exciting cause I like to do it. I woke up in the early morning cause i needed to prepare before met up with her, I had used 1 hour to make up myself. At around 9.30am, I went out by lrt to meet her up at Bukit Jalil. It is quite far from my place. *Hiss

After met up with her, we went to Times Square for our first shopping location. There was an International Dance Competition at TS. It was amazing and the participants were professional. It was hard to judge who would be the champion. Awhile, we felt bored to shop at TS, so we changed our shopping location to Midvalley.

We had boarded 4 trains to go there from TS. 0n the way, we had captured some pictures, but just had one picture is nice. :(

Finally, we reached Mv. Though it was quite tiring, we were happy with that. :p It was croud with people there on that day cause it was public holiday [our president marriage day].

We started to shop and we noticed that all the shops are on sales!! We loved and enjoyed it!

Although it was fun, the bad thing was going to happen soon..

When I was in a fitting room, I noticed that my mobile had lost! I wasn't know what to do on that time. Jun tried to call my mobile but it wasn't available. With this sign, we sure that my mobile had been stolen by someone else. I was sad and depress! *sobsob Because of my faulth and careless, I had lost the mobile:( It was damn heartbroken!!!

I called my dear and told him what had happened. He was unhappy with that cause he is the mobile owner [actually we exchanged our mobile]. But he didn't scold me, he consoled me and asked me back. I was moody and we went back at around 7pm.

I miss the phone!

I am FED UP with the thief!!! Why they are rather be a thief and don't want to find a proper job? What kinda of thought is that? I hate them, Idiot!!! They are rubbish!!

0kie, I am chilling out...

So, what can I do now is I'll take care of my things oftenly and it is a must to y'all too:) *wink

Anyway, it was a full day for me too. Hope to hang out with Jun again. I miss You, dude (>.^)v


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