June 13, 2007

+ 19th B'day ceLebRati0n +

Mmm.. It's a delayed blog. This blog might be posted on last two weeks, anyway, it's just the same if I blog it now, rite?? This 19th celebration was absolute different with the earlier celebrations. So, assumably it is great to drop by. *smile Why I said so??
The answer is that celine celebrated her every year b'days with her Gang of friends since schooling time, while this year.. I was just celebrated it with someone else, that is Ms. Gin - my macha/jimuiz "

I was so sad, my dear dear had to work cause he couldn't take leave on weekends, so he couldn't accompany me on 02/06. * sob sob
It's ok, I'm understanding

It sounds so lonely rite? Ngng.. you're wrong. Actually I was quite enjoyed it with my dude. *teehee

We reached 1U at around 1.30pm.. 0ur first motion was treated our stomaches at Wong Kok Cafe. The food are taste *yummy*, looking *great* & price *affordable*. That's why it fulls of people all the time, it's need long time to have a sit. o.0

Afta filled up our stomaches, we started our 'WORKS'.. Lolz!! *Shopping*

We shopped from 3pm till 7pm, finally, we felt lil tired and gonna had a drink. We took our dinner at the same cafe cause we had not tried all the desserts that are tempted us. *wink wink

While waiting for the yum yum, *heiy heiy* we began our camwhoring session... *wow
We love to pose though there are many people "p

Below are the pictures that we had taken :
^Celine & Ginie^ ===> * P0sers *

At 9pm, we gonna back ady cause scared of transport lacking. Hence, we boarded a taxi to lrt station. Ar ar Ar... the taxi driver was so fun, he talked about his love stories to us & sent us back to Wangsa Maju just for RM6. *WOW I never thought this 'valued' thing would happen in my life, but, It really happened. Lolz! In point of fact, Impossible is Nothing!

Anyway, hope that he could solve his problem as soon as possible, if not, he would 'rugi' soon... *laugh

At all, It was a memorable 19th birthday for me! I love & cherish it *wink wink

It is around 4am now, i can't stand d, gonna sleep now :P Nitezz


GiniE said...

aha.. aha.. ya ya.. quite enjoying da time with you~

Maybe is yur luck... then we get rm6 for da taxi fees~~ this incident really so funny... i tell my friends.. they laugh their heart out.~~

*cheers, expecting our nz date~


ws'celine said...

yea yea.. a nz date with u babe..
but u'r oways bz thr.. hard to c u on this few months.. miss u so much.. keke!

not my luck, i thk is mostly ur luck.. summore the driver admired u to b his fren watt... :x LOL