July 4, 2007

KinDa Lif3(s)

A new & great month - July - onwards.

I'm listening to my fav song - El Impacto by Daddy Yankee feat Fergie - while writing this blog. Love it homie! Fresh bit and make me move with it ^.^

"Give it all you got mami... Fergie Ferg and Daddy Yankee dutchesss!... ..."

Lately, Cine becomes a truant queen. I have bunked off for 3 weeks since the end of AS, without any worries. "p Too, I admit that I am a lazy bone.

Time pass slowly everyday. It is suffer to pass the days in this SuxXx environment. I hope the time would pass quickly, and move out this Boring area a.s.a.p. I hate to be here more than a second. Yeah... yeah... Been in PJ soon, hopefully!

Chum, miss y'all there!

Presumably, people here are not the great kinda, all are 3F ~ fanatic, factitous and fatuous~. Although I am used to it, it still -- Disgusting -- ! Yucksss!!

It's Enough!!

Eremophobia comes on Cine!!!
*meaning = fear of being oneself or of loneliness

Hence, Cine is trying not be at home everyday. *keke

Cine has few friends here, most dude(s) at PJ. In case, Cine is lazy to make friends here cause it is worthless! I'm rather going out with my A or B or C friends, no ways for *fcuk'in* people!

For me, Friends : -= GUYs are fun & true ; GALs are fake & troublesome =-.
So, a Soulmate is everything. It's all.

Don be sensitive with what I said..
This comments some SuxXx persons..

Truely, Cine loves hectic life!
Love to be fulled... Going by with buddies... Enjoying the classy life...
Life should be meaningful and wonderful!
But this would not happen in this year... maybe soon...

(Life should be like sunrises)
(Life should not be 'Darkness')

How about the life of Cine?

Confidence *yea.. that's me*

Loser *no... way... *


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