June 30, 2007

h0MetOwn JoUrney

Yeapy..! The AS exam was finally over. Had slogged for a month, it is time to play hard. *keke Though it was over, i am worried about it ( the result ). Especially, Chemistry & Mathematics, hate them!

Okie, don't talk about result any more. Better take my time to relax~play~rest! LOLZ..

I had gone back to my sweet hometown for two weeks by taken leaves myself. Many were asked why i was back there for long days. Ahhem... the most mainly reason is I needed 2 weeks days to sleep because I didn't sleep well in KL. ''p While the other reasons were hanging out with buddies & met my parents. Miss them so much much!

There were many secrets apparently. Should I do this? In case, I didn't think it is a big deal.. [ confusing right? sorry ya babe.. i can't tell more about it to y'all, hope y'all understand]

Other than that, I have known a lot of things since i went back, and, I was get closed with some friends too :) Who are them?? Shhh.. secret again! LOLX..

I have heard that our bay is dangerous to go out at night. There are many indians & malays rob and stop the residents suddenly when they are driving on the road. Mmm.. so, anyone there must be careful ya. Don't become the victim!

No mood and idea to write more, I think I should stop here.

This is my last blog on June. The July's Blogs are coming soon.. to be continue.. :)

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