August 21, 2007

MAPA 2007 @ Midvalley

bLoggies!~ I'm back..! Hey, miss me lotsa?? Lolz~
I miss you guys here! So happy that I could update y'all at last :D
I should apologize because I was busy around my stuff recently... forgive me yea ;p

13/8 ^ 14/8.. A special date for me..
My first working day as show gal at MAPA 2007 Roadshow (Midvalley).
This is my first job in my life, so I think it was quite amazing for me though it's tiring~ keke!

Thanks Ruby! ~
Thanks Vogue Event! ~
Thanks V-Class Company! ~
Thanks everyone who give me this chance to be there! ~
I should thanks Edward, Marcus, Eric and Kenny too.. :D

How was my working days there?
It was great! Chun!

On my first day, I was quite embarrassed when the photographers wanted to take some photos of me..
Perhaps, I was not used to pose in front of publicity.. Hahaz!
Till the second day, I was used to it already..
I was extremely enjoyed the cAm-whore sessions by the Pro photographer!
Thanks a lot for them who had taken nice and great portraits for me~


Anyway, hope that i could get more roadshow jobs soon!~


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