September 4, 2007

Busy Me!

At last, I'm free to drop off my blog here. These days are the busiest days for me, also the most Exhausting Days!
A China lovely pet, Panda, wannabe ---> Celine ChanWS.
No enough time to sleep well, even chit-chatting time is lost too.. :(
Anyway, I'm back to 'free' now.. *giggle

I had received few roadshows at the same moment:

1st - My Nation Rave Party @ Sunway Suff Beach ( 30/8 )

This was my 1st party show. When I got this, I was so excited. Recall, it was a seriously traffic jam along the Kesas Highway, almost 2 hours I had stucked in it -.- Dengz!~
I started my job on 9pm till 3am..
Arghh.. It's damn tiring!
Wondering what job was I do on that party??
We were promoted the Alcoholic Liquid - Tequila
I hate to do this job because there were many such damn PIG inside.. spoilt the Environment!!!
Many of my friends had been molested by Miang Guys!!!
Luckily, I didn't... :D
Hope won't receive this kind of job again.. Unless it is safe for us...!~

2nd - Acer IT Fair 2007 @ The Curve ( 31/8 till 2/9 )
Let me Introduce my adorable agent, Melissa.
She is the lovely and friendly agent that I have met.. Thanks for her who has cared us much =)
This Acer show is the happiest show within the Shows I have done before!
Love all the buddies there - Dorcas, Wendy, Daphne, Goh, Ignatius, John, Donald.... etc
They are really really damn nice.
Though Dorcas, Wendy and I were just passing out the flyers, we weren't bored at all.. we felt the time was passed rapidly!
Other than that, we have learnt a lot about the IT. Especially, the Laptops!
So, I won't get lie again when wanna buy a laptop..!


3rd - Motorola Mobile Show
[ I'd rejected this job cause I'm lazy to go for the interview.. *teehee Babe, I need some rests too ma.. Lolz!~ ]


Some of my friends ask that why I like to do these Roadshows or Freelances...
Let me tell y'all:
I have learnt lotsa of knowledge and get a lot of infos in that!
So, why not I get these, it's better than I waste my time to face on the PC for some stupid stuff..
p/s : I can get well and pretty high pay for these roadshows! Earn fast and Easier.. *giggle

maybe you have your own ideas or opinions..
this is my thought too..
Hope y'all would respect me!

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