June 14, 2007

~LoNelineSs + UnfuLfiLLed dAyS~

How do you pass your days recently?

My days on June? Haigh.. it is quite boring and meaningless o.o I still remember my last date was on this Tuesday, I had gone for a movie with friend, P.Xian, at KLCC. Since that, I am bored everyday. What did I do at home nowadays? Search net, play mahjong, watch dramas, day-dreaming and some more let music souls my heart. Everyday repeating and repeating the same suckzz thing! It is damn lonely, bored and miserable!

What should I do to fulfill my life??
  • Shopping -> there are just few malls in KL. 0ftenly shop at this or that malls, Boring man! Any new mall?? *giggle
  • Hang out -> some buddies are busy with their 'business' on this scheme and some are lack of money, what to do?
  • Clubbing -> erm, this might be the great way for me! But most of my friends are lack of transports, so it is a problem to be there. *sobsob So, I am waiting for Tiffany or Ginie to join me (but they are always busy, busy and busy). Hey dude, I'm waiting for your calls:) Recalling, it was few weeks I haven't been at Club since last time I went with my brother to attend for celebration at Zuok.
  • Yogacise -> Yeap! I start doing it on this month since I have stopped it for 3 months ago. *hehe Though I keep on it, but it just take 2 hours, then how I spend the less hours??
  • Work -> It is a NO for me to find a job now. Addition to that, I haven't been on a job till now, it is quite nervous to find a job. Anyway, I don't have any interest on it.
  • ... ... ... ... ... No more idea! ... ... ... ... ...
Anyone could teach me how to fulfill my life??

I hate and fed up to be loneliness!!!
I love to be in a life which full of activities, meaningful, and enjoyment!!!

Okie, I should close this topic now.


Today I have searched some branded goodies website. I LOVE and interest with some tote bags and purses of Gucci, they are elegance!~ Let's check it out...

~ Which is better? Erm.. hard to make decision. Buy 2 of them? Huh.. I'm not a rich rich gal :p Lolz!!!

~ A nice purse! I love it, and the price are affordable. Hope could get it soon *teehee

In point of fact, I never buy such high branded goodies before. Perhaps, it might be the first time for me in a short time later.

Malaysia... In case, it is not an updated country in fashion industry.
Why I said so? It is because I used to search net to get a target before shopping, finally I found that some of the new goodies are not found in our country, it is damn disappointing when the willing was suddenly 'spoilt'. Haigh...

However it is disappointing, I would not online shopping. I don't think it is a safety way. Maybe someday I would do it in certain reasons. *laugh

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